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Ogun Gubernatorial Election – ADC, APC & PDP Candidate Profiles

Michael Antonorsi


April 1, 2023

Biyi Otegbeye:

Biyi Otegbeye, 59, is the gubernatorial candidate for the African Democratic Congress (ADC). Mr Otegbeye hails from the Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun state. He is the only West Ogun candidate and would be the first governor from the region. He is a barrister and Managing Director at Regency Alliance Insurance PLC. His political involvement began as an APC candidate for the House of Representatives for Yewa South and Ipoka Federal Constituencies in 2019. He currently enjoys the endorsement and support of former governor Ibikunle Amosun. Mr Otegbeye unveiled his campaign at a meeting with former governor Amosun and other factional APC members. He faced early legal hurdles when the APC and LP alleged violations of the Electoral Act. These two parties held that the ADC’s primary elections were not monitored by INEC. The Federal High Court in Abeokuta agreed and sacked Otegbeye’s campaign. The ADC challenged the ruling and it was overturned by an Appeals court in Ibadan, reinstating Otegbeye’s candidacy. He has promised the rebirth of ‘people-oriented’ projects if elected. 

Dapo Abiodun:

Dapo Abiodun, almost 63, is the incumbent gubernatorial candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC). Privately, he is CEO of the Nigerian oil and gas company Heyden Petroleum Ltd. He has had a mixed involvement in politics since Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999. He was a founding member of the PDP and an unsuccessful governorship candidate. He later ran for the election of a senate seat under the APC in 2015. His political success came with his election victory as governor of Ogun State in 2019. He narrowly won his first term as governor in 2019 and has faced a schism within the party in Ogun. His performance as governor is mixed. Abiodun’s supporters credit him with stabilizing the polity of Ogun state and listening to all points of view, even dissenting voices. Immediately upon his election, he equipped the Ogun police with communication devices and vehicles, increasing their security capabilities. His current infrastructure plan is to develop an agriculturally based airport to unleash the industrial capabilities of the state. His detractors view him as an absentee governor, keener on politicking in Abuja with the rest of the APC party and neglecting many infrastructure projects during his terms such as the Lagos-Sango-Abeokuta expressway and a 250-bed hospital in Abeokuta. 

Ladi Adebutu:

Ladi Adebutu, 61, is the gubernatorial candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He has been involved in politics for over 30 years, from being an appointed commissioner in Ogun State Local Government Service Commission. He was later, in 2015, elected to the National Assembly representing the Remo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. During this time, he was appointed the Chairman of, House Committee on Rural Development from 2015-2019. His private career is focused on agriculture and farming, where he is CEO of JB farms, a piggery with more than 23,000 pigs. Mr Adebutu believes strongly in the importance of agriculture to develop rural areas and provide security and sustenance as a means of development. He is a worthy contender in the gubernatorial election but still faces a steep uphill battle due to the popularity of the APC in Ogun State. 




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