About Beam Media

Beam Media is a platform that gives you in-depth articles that span news to opionions in addition to creating a culture of events, merch and other initatives.

About BEAM

BEAM is an exclusive community where you get access to daily stories and media you won’t find anywhere else. You also get first hand access to events and our magazine.

Company Constitution

Who are we ?

Our values stem from our belief that free world news should be accessible to everyone and anyone seeking it. Despite the news being public, there remains a lingering issue that a large group of people are oblivious. This is where we, as an entity, come in to spread the news, inspire the people and collaborate to achieve our objectives and our underlying mission. Beam media will look to provide the most relevant news and transfer knowledge using our expertise through news articles and our accessible platform to inform the people. We will ensure that we spread the knowledge where it is lacking and raise the standard when it comes to information passing.

Business Objectives

  • Empowering individuals with knowledge.
  • Promoting access to free information.
  • Connecting individuals through a network of information.
  • How will we do it?

    Beam media will be focusing on creating and delivering essential information globally to the public. With easing accessibility embedded in our processes, we look to empower and connect individuals to the necessary knowledge needed. Publishing daily articles covering necessary news around the world to aid society with the privilege of awareness will be our main focal point in our processes. Developing an informed community will also be accomplished through our collaborative platform which entails video broadcasts, magazines and articles written by our accredited journalists.