Massive Fire Engulfs Popular Wuse Market In Abuja

Nmesoma Okwudili


March 15, 2024

According to reports, a police officer shot a young man who had been charged and found guilty of a crime. The incident happened on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, when angry sellers in Abuja’s Wuse market set several areas of the market on fire.

As the young man attempted to flee, the unfolding drama took a tragic turn. Reportedly, the market police officer—who was associated with the mobile court—opened fire, which led to the person who was running from the scene being shot.

The shooting incident was confirmed by a reliable source from Abuja Market Management Limited, even though the FCT Fire Service personnel were actively working to put out the flames and stop the fire from spreading. The source further stated that the police had established a cordon around the market area in an effort to maintain peace amidst the chaotic events. This development calls into question the safety of those involved and the necessity for a comprehensive inquiry into the events leading up to the shooting and the resulting turmoil in the market.

The Abuja Market Management Limited (AMML) public relations officer, Innocent Amaechina, reports that the fire that erupted severely damaged multiple stores and vehicles within the market premises, and also destroyed the management’s office.

Three agencies collaborated to respond to the emergency: the Federal Fire Service, the FCT Fire Service, and the Julius Berger Fire Department. These firefighting units worked together to put the situation under control, according to a statement released by FEMA and signed by its Head of Public Affairs, Nkechi Isa. To prevent the spread of fire, the affected area is continuously being doused to ensure any remaining embers are extinguished.

The terrible event at Wuse Market in Abuja resulted in the total destruction of at least ten establishments, according to the statement. The collaborative effort of the fire services not only highlights the importance of coordinated actions during emergencies but also showcases the dedication and resilience of emergency response teams in safeguarding public areas and mitigating the aftermath of disasters.

In order to prevent the further escalation of the fire incident, the Julius Berger Fire Service is actively involved in extinguishing the affected area. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, and efforts are being made to ascertain its origin. The FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) received an alert about the emergency situation at Wuse Market through a distress call at 4:05 p.m. on the 112 emergency toll-free number.

In an expeditious response to the circumstances, the FEMA Acting Director General (Ag DG) directed the market managers to establish a firebreak, emphasizing the importance of implementing appropriate measures to mitigate the impact of similar incidents. Furthermore, Federal Capital Territory citizens are advised by Mr Sabo to exercise caution and refrain from keeping combustible items like petrol inside their homes. By taking this preventive step, the region’s risk of fire-related events will be lower and public safety will be improved.


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