David Adeleke Debunks Rumors Of Arrest In Uganda

Nmesoma Okwudili


April 7, 2024

David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is a well-known personality in Nigerian Afrobeat music. He has denied rumors circulating on the internet that he was arrested in Uganda after a show. Davido vehemently refuted these claims in a press release issued on Tuesday, asserting they were fabricated solely to generate buzz on social media.

Davido expressed his dissatisfaction with the circumstances, emphasizing that the rumors damage his reputation and interfere with his professional commitments. He underscored that he will take legal action against anybody who disseminates false information about him.

Furthermore, Davido conveyed his disappointment in the individuals or entities behind the dissemination of these falsehoods, hinting at potential legal actions to safeguard his integrity and address the repercussions of these untrue reports.

On Monday, speculations arose suggesting that the renowned singer, amidst his ongoing world tour and recent concert stops in Uganda and Kenya, found himself in police custody following his performance on April 1st. According to these reports, Davido was alleged to have been arrested on grounds of involvement in a drug-related incident.

Davido boldly stated in response to these rumors that were circulating that he had never been arrested or faced charges for any misconduct in any place during his career or travels. He suggested that people view these publications with suspicion and consider them to be nothing more than an April Fools’ joke. This claim was made with the intention of both refuting the false allegations and diminishing their legitimacy by presenting them as a lighthearted April Fools’ joke.

His statement read: “Fam, it has come to my attention that false reports regarding an arrest circulated online on April 1st, which has since led to a barrage of calls. I want to assure my fans that those reports are entirely untrue. I successfully completed my scheduled shows in Uganda and Kenya and have since returned home to Nigeria.”

He further emphasized that there has never been an instance where he has faced arrest or legal proceedings in any country, including his native Nigeria, his second home America, or any of the numerous countries he has frequented during his illustrious career.

Davido expressed his profound concern about the fabrication of such serious international accusations and emphasized the recklessness of disseminating such false material, regardless of the prank known as “April Fools.” By announcing his legal team’s aggressive pursuit of legal action against the media entities responsible for spreading these false accusations, he underscored the gravity of the matter.


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