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Anambra And Lagos States Unite To Forge Digital Transformation

Nmesoma Okwudili


February 29, 2024

The governments of Anambra and Lagos States have established a strategic cooperation with the goal of advancing the progress of information and technology in Nigeria. This partnership shows a common dedication to supporting the IT ecosystems in their respective areas. The decision to collaborate is the result of bilateral talks between representatives and members of the IT community that occured during the Reverse Trade Mission in the United States of America.

The Anambra State ICT Agency’s Managing Director and CEO, Chukwuemeka Agbata emphasised the importance of this cooperative endeavour. The collaboration is a proactive approach to addressing current issues, encouraging an innovative culture, and strengthening the cybersecurity infrastructure as a whole, not just a token gesture. The aim is to utilise the combined knowledge and assets of the two states to establish a cooperative atmosphere that fosters innovation and protects the digital domain.

This cooperative effort is expected to yield measurable results as Anambra and Lagos states combine their resources to navigate the rapidly changing information and technology landscape. Through innovation and enhanced cybersecurity, the alliance hopes to put both states at the forefront of Nigerian technological advancement. This collaborative project is an example of a forward-thinking strategy for utilising information and technology to the mutual advantage of the states of Lagos and Anambra.

Essentially, the relationship between Anambra and Lagos is about working together on cybersecurity, protecting IT assets, putting cybersecurity measures in place, and growing IT service platforms. Innovative cybersecurity techniques will be adopted as part of the joint endeavour to strengthen the base of IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the two states will collaborate to create plans that can recognise and mitigate the ever-changing risks in cyberspace.

In addition, the collaboration will explore the application of cutting-edge cyber defense strategies to safeguard essential IT resources. Investigating cutting-edge solutions to lessen and manage the hazards related to cybercrime is part of this. As part of the partnership, they will also have to become acquainted with new tools that are meant to improve IT service platforms; these tools might include using cloud solutions like AWS.

“This partnership marks a vital stride in strengthening our technological capacities,” said Tunbosun Alake, Lagos State’s Commissioner for Innovation, Science, and Technology, expressing confidence about the partnership. “Our goal of working together with Anambra State, is to create a strong IT infrastructure that can handle present issues as well as foresee and adapt to new developments in the future.”

To improve service delivery, there is also an emphasis on aligning with digitization and customer service objectives. A focus will be on upskilling the workforce to suit the changing demands of the IT landscape, and initiatives will be developed to facilitate the swift integration of new talents within the IT sector. Both sides are dedicated to working together to increase the number of highly qualified individuals in the IT industry.

The Anambra State ICT Agency’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, further mentioned that the partnering with Lagos State offers an opportunity to capitalise on each organization’s advantages and expand the market for IT services.

Agbata expressed, “Through collaboration, we have the potential to attain technological excellence and make substantial contributions to Nigeria’s digital transformation.”

The collaborative initiatives for information and technology advancement of the governments of Anambra and Lagos represent a critical step in strengthening Nigeria’s technological capacities. Officials like Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata and Tunbosun Alake have highlighted the partnership’s goals, which include building a robust IT infrastructure, addressing present issues, and planning for future developments.

A dedication to innovation and the proactive mitigation of cyber dangers are reflected in the emphasis on cybersecurity, the preservation of IT assets, and the growth of service platforms. This strategic alliance envisions a joint contribution to Nigeria’s digital transformation through technological excellence and the development of professionals in the IT sector, in addition to aligning with goals related to digitization and customer service.


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