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A Tribe Called Judah – The Movie On Everyone’s Watch List

Nmesoma Okwudili


February 2, 2024

Funke Akindele’s film, ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ achieved a ground-breaking milestone by becoming the first Nollywood movie to surpass one billion naira in box office revenue. Remarkably, the film has received positive acclaim without any notable negative reviews. Following its theatrical release on December 15, 2023, ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ set a new record as the first Nollywood production to generate over 600 million naira in its initial weeks of screening. Anticipation is high, with expectations that the movie will outperform even Hollywood blockbusters like Black Panther in Nigerian theatres.

 A Tribe Called Judah, directed by Funke Akindele, is a 2023 Nigerian film with an impressive cast that includes many well-known Nollywood actors as well as Tmini Egbuson, Jide Kene Achufusi, Uzee Usman, Nse Ikpe Etim, Yvonne Jegede, Olumide Oworu, and Genoveva Umeh.

The movie deftly explores the difficulties a low-income family faces as they navigate both societal and financial barriers. It skilfully combines suspense, humour, and emotions to create an engrossing family story. The picture is elevated to a recognised stature and has a big impact on the Nollywood film industry thanks to its well-crafted music, arresting photography, and unified narrative. To increase audience involvement, a few sequences, nevertheless, might use a little more succinctness.

The movie A Tribe Called Judah unfolds the narrative of Jedidiah Judah, a lone woman raising five sons from different fathers. The initial two sons exhibit responsibility and contribute sensibly to the family’s well-being. However, the latter three sons take a different path, engaging in delinquent activities as hoodlums and pickpockets. Despite their questionable actions, Jedidiah continues to support and guide them through challenges.

The plot takes a darker turn when Jedidiah is diagnosed with a chronic kidney ailment, necessitating a costly operation amounting to 18 million naira and weekly dialysis expenses exceeding 100 thousand naira. Compounding their troubles, the eldest son, who serves as the family’s breadwinner, loses his job. Faced with the urgency of saving their ailing mother, the sons find themselves with no alternative but to resort to desperate measures. Their plan involves robbing Emeka’s former boss, suspected of being involved in money laundering, in a bid to acquire the funds required for the medical procedures.

However, the already precarious situation becomes more complex when the sons encounter another armed robber at the scene, leading the narrative into a gripping and unpredictable turn of events. The unfolding events pose a challenging moral dilemma for the characters, adding layers of suspense and intensity to the storyline.

This film seems to be one of a kind. Characters represent different aspects of Nigeria: Western, Southern, Eastern, and Northern showing a great quality of cultural diversity. Funke Akindele demonstrated in the movie that she is a champion of social change in addition to being a firm believer in mantra.

A Tribe Called Judah takes audiences on an emotional journey filled with moments of happiness, sorrow, and self-discovery as it explores the complexities of identity, culture, and belonging. Above all, it educates viewers about the deep bonds that exist within families.

The movie has received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences, and it has received excellent marks on a number of review websites. This accomplishment, which goes beyond simple financial success, is proof of the strength of storytelling, cultural pride, and the tenacious spirit of Nollywood.

A compelling narrative and stellar performance as part of the ensemble cast came together to create an engaging cinematic experience. The soundtrack, which was well matched to the mood, increased the overall emotional resonance, while the cinematography’s visual appeal skilfully caught the spirit of each moment. The audience was kept interested throughout by the deft presentation, even with an unexpected storyline twist. The group delivered a fantastic performance, giving their character’s depth and reality.

A Tribe Called Judah is a highly recommended film that will appeal to fans of drama as well as those who appreciate well-written stories. Long after the titles have rolled, people will remember it as a film masterpiece.


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