Woman Commits Suicide Over Hardship

Nmesoma Okwudili


March 12, 2024

A woman, who was said to be depressed due to the hardship in the country, reportedly took her children to the Enugu police station, stripped naked afterwards, and ran into a moving vehicle.

As of the time of publication, the identity of the woman remained unknown. She entered the Ogui Road police station carrying the kids, gave them over to the officers, undressed, and dashed under the moving vehicle, whereupon she was crushed to death.

According to reports, the three children are two, four, and six years old. It was rumoured that her husband had abandoned the wife and kids when he ran away from home many months prior due to increasing difficulty. When asked about their father, the oldest child replied that he was gone. She was unable to provide any other details regarding their town, family, or residential address.

The governor of Enugu State’s wife, Nkechinyere Mbah, rushed to the police station where the tragic event had taken place as soon as she heard about it. The scenario became much more poignant when she learned that the woman involved might have been struggling with depression.

Moved by compassion, Mbah expressed her commitment to providing comfort and support for the bereaved children. In a heartfelt declaration, she pledged to personally oversee their upbringing, ensuring they receive care and education from nursery school all the way to university. To actualize this promise, Mbah revealed that her Custos Care Foundation would take on the sponsorship of the children, offering them a lifeline in the face of their tragic loss.

Mbah took a firm stand and ordered the kids to be taken from the police station to a secure place right away. This change was made in order to make it easier for the state government to get involved in making sure that the grieving children have a positive life and future. Amidst a gloomy storyline, Mbah’s kind deeds shine through, demonstrating the possibility of group endeavours to lessen the challenges experienced by individuals affected by such distressing situations.

She encouraged individuals experiencing depression to seek counseling and refrain from making impulsive decisions. Additionally, she called upon Commissioner Ngozi Enih of the Ministry of Children, Gender, and Social Development to strengthen awareness campaigns and counseling initiatives, particularly targeting those dealing with depression.

It is truly disheartening to witness the increasing number of deaths in the nation due to rising issues. It underscores the crucial role of society in assisting and promoting awareness of mental health issues. If you or someone you know is experiencing depression, please consider seeking help and refraining from making impulsive decisions.

Cultivating an empathetic culture and being aware of others’ hardships can alleviate individual burdens. Authorities should intensify their counseling and awareness campaigns to create a safety net for those feeling hopeless. Let’s put mental health first as a group and fight for a culture that helps and comforts people who are suffering.


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