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Tinubu Grants Extension Of Service To FCT Head Of Service 

Nmesoma Okwudili


March 29, 2024

President Bola Tinubu has granted a significant extension of service to Mr. Samuel Atang, who recently assumed the role of Head of Service within the Federal Capital Territory Civil Service Commission.

This extension, spanning six months, was formally communicated through a letter penned by Chidi Amadi, the Chief of Staff to FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, on Wednesday. The missive, addressed to the Head of Service, elucidated that the extension would commence on March 27, 2024, a date of particular significance as it coincides with Mr. Atang’s 60th birthday.

The decision underscores the recognition of Mr. Atang’s contributions and capabilities in his capacity as the Head of Service. It signifies a vote of confidence from President Tinubu and the FCT administration in Mr. Atang’s leadership and administrative acumen. This extension not only acknowledges his dedication but also provides continuity and stability to the FCT Civil Service Commission during a crucial period.

Furthermore, this decision reflects a commitment to fostering institutional stability and ensuring the smooth functioning of governmental affairs within the Federal Capital Territory. It demonstrates a nuanced approach to human resource management, where merit and experience are valued, and transitions are managed with careful consideration.

Mr. Atang’s extended tenure offers an opportunity for continued progress and the implementation of strategic initiatives within the Civil Service Commission. It presents a chance for further consolidation of reforms, enhancement of efficiency, and the pursuit of excellence in public service delivery. As he embarks on this extended term, Mr. Atang is poised to steer the Civil Service Commission towards greater heights, guided by his wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to service excellence.

Mr. Atang, together with other key officials including Permanent Secretaries, the Chairman, and Commissioners of the FCT Civil Service Commission, took their oaths of office on Monday, March 18. The solemn ceremony was presided over by the Chief Judge of the FCT High Court, Justice Husseini Baba-Yusuf, who was represented by Justice Sylvanus Oriji.

In alignment with the letter conveying the extension of Mr. Atang’s service, this prolongation offers a pivotal opportunity for the newly appointed Head of Service to institute stability amidst the ongoing restructuring efforts within the FCT Administration, following the establishment of the FCT Civil Service Commission.

The communication addressed to Mr. Atang elucidated, “I am directed to refer to the above subject matter and to inform you that His Excellency, the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has graciously approved the extension of your service for a period of six months with effect from Wednesday, March 27, 2024, when you would have attained the mandatory age of 60 years.”

This extension is reinforced by the imperative to stabilize and fortify the ongoing initiatives aimed at revamping the administrative framework of the FCT Administration, prompted by the recent inauguration of the FCT Civil Service Commission.

The decision to extend Mr. Atang’s service emphasizes a strategic approach to governance, stressing the importance of continuity and expertise in navigating organizational transitions. It reflects a commitment to effective governance and the advancement of administrative reforms within the Federal Capital Territory.

Through this extended tenure, Mr. Atang is entrusted with the crucial task of fostering cohesion and efficiency within the Civil Service Commission, ensuring the seamless implementation of restructuring measures, and ultimately enhancing service delivery to the residents of the FCT.


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