Third Mainland Bridge To Reopen Soon

Nmesoma Okwudili


March 31, 2024

David Umahi, who is serving as the Minister of Works, recently made an announcement regarding the Third Mainland Bridge, a critical transportation artery in Lagos.

Initially, the bridge underwent partial closure for essential repairs, a decision communicated by the state authorities on January 5, 2024. The closure took effect from January 9 onward. However, there’s good news now as Umahi has disclosed that the bridge is set to reopen entirely on Thursday, April 4th.

The Lagos Commissioner for Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, verified this information in a statement released to the public on Saturday. In addition to thanking Lagos residents for their cooperation and patience during the repair process, Osiyemi suggested that travel may become easier in the future. This achievement not only offers commuters a reprieve but also represents a significant turning point in the process of restoring regular traffic flow on the Third Mainland Bridge.

It’s worth remembering that the National Assembly had previously urged Dave Umahi, the Minister of Works, to petition the Presidency to declare a state of emergency concerning vital infrastructural assets in Lagos State, with a particular emphasis on the Third Mainland Bridge. This recommendation came about subsequent to a thorough inspection conducted by lawmakers, during which they examined the lower sections of critical bridges such as the Third Mainland Bridge and Carter Bridge in Lagos State.

According to their assessment, the foundational components of these infrastructures have undergone substantial degradation, emphasizing the urgent need for prompt repairs. The legislators underlined that resolving these problems quickly would prevent additional damage and avoid the necessity for future, more extensive and expensive repair projects. This request for action indicates a proactive strategy aimed at protecting the integrity and security of vital transport infrastructure in Lagos State.

The Third Mainland Bridge has experienced intermittent closures in recent months, lasting anywhere from a few days to several weeks, while necessary repairs were made to various sections. During these repair periods, these restrictions have forced drivers to seek alternate routes, altering their commuting patterns.

Although the Lagos State Government has declared that the bridge would reopen in its entirety on April 4, 2024, it is crucial to remember that this announcement does not imply that all essential rehabilitation work to restore the bridge to its ideal state has been completed.


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