Nigerian Government Halts Dana Air Operations Following Lagos Airport Incident

Nmesoma Okwudili


May 8, 2024

In a significant move reverberating across Nigeria’s aviation industry, the Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo, has taken decisive action in response to safety concerns surrounding Dana Airline. The Ministry’s decision to suspend Dana Airline operations comes in the aftermath of a distressing incident that occurred on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

The incident in question involved a Dana Airline flight, bearing the registration number 5N-BKI, which skidded off the runway during landing. Despite the alarming nature of the event, it is fortunate that there were no reported casualties. However, the incident has cast a shadow over Dana Airline’s safety protocols and operational integrity, prompting swift and decisive action from the Ministry of Aviation.

In a statement titled ‘Immediate Suspension of Dana Airline Pending Safety and Financial Health Audit,’ issued by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Emmanuel Meribole, the rationale behind the suspension is articulated. The Ministry, through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), has directed the suspension of Dana Airline’s operations until a comprehensive audit is conducted.

The decision underscores the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of citizens and travelers alike. Recent incidents involving Dana Airline have raised serious concerns regarding both safety and financial viability, prompting the Ministry to intervene decisively. The suspension aims to facilitate a thorough audit encompassing all aspects of safety protocols, maintenance procedures, and financial health to ensure full compliance with aviation regulations.

The magnitude of the decision cannot be overstated, as it reflects the government’s proactive stance in safeguarding the integrity of Nigeria’s aviation sector. By prioritizing stringent safety measures and regulatory compliance, the Ministry seeks to restore confidence in air travel and uphold the highest standards of operational integrity.

While Dana Airline’s suspension may pose temporary inconveniences, it serves as a necessary precautionary measure to address existing concerns and mitigate potential risks to passengers and crew. The Ministry’s actions underscore its commitment to transparency, accountability, and the overarching goal of fostering a culture of safety within Nigeria’s aviation industry.

As stakeholders await the outcome of the comprehensive audit, collaboration and cooperation are paramount. The Ministry remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance across all facets of air travel operations. Travelers are encouraged to remain vigilant, stay informed, and adhere to official updates from relevant authorities.

In conclusion, the suspension of Dana Airline operations marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s aviation landscape, signaling the government’s unwavering dedication to safety and accountability. As the industry navigates this challenging period, stakeholders are called upon to work together towards building a safer, more resilient aviation ecosystem for all.


FG Grounds Dana Air Operations After Lagos Airport Incident

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