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Koroba Hair style Trend – Bringing Back The culture 

Nmesoma Okwudili


January 23, 2024

The start of 2024 witnessed a captivating evolution in hairstyles, with the Koroba hairstyle emerging as a prominent and exciting trend. Once considered a basic and outdated hairdo, it has now become a intriguingly unique defining standard for Africans worldwide. The Koroba hairstyle, marked by its creative aesthetics and cultural significance, has garnered widespread interest and curiosity, suggesting that it may establish itself as a lasting and influential trend in the realm of African hairstyles for the foreseeable future.

Many aspects of African culture and legacy face the threat of extinction, yet amidst this transition, African women remarkably uphold a resilient pride in their traditional hairstyles. These intricate and culturally significant hairdos, though subject to the passage of time, endure as a symbol of identity and tradition. In the dynamic landscape of the hair industry, this trend is not limited to Nigeria; it has transcended borders and is making waves in hair salons across the globe in 2024.

The Koroba hairstyle is a long-standing traditional hairdo among Nigeria’s Yoruba people.

Koroba translates to “bucket” in English. Now, close your eyes and imagine a bucket, pail, or calabash turned upside down; this is exactly what the trendy Koroba looks like. This skilfully crafted detailed braiding forms a basket-like shape and extends to various sections of the head. The result is a captivating and innovative hairstyle that not only pays homage to traditional aesthetics but also stands as a contemporary symbol of creativity and selfexpression.

The Koroba hairstyle has sparked Significant trends in the hair creative sector, with stylists creating one-of-a-kind designs to showcase their artistic abilities and personal preferences.

The variety of patterns and textures in this hairstyle are a testament to its inventiveness. Modern stylists frequently use a variety of twists and braids, demonstrating an astounding amount of talent and technique. The hair becomes a canvas for self-expression in a multitude of forms and patterns thanks to the imaginative exploration of shapes and textures. Not only has this renaissance brought back cultural hairstyles, but it has also sparked a surge of exquisite creative invention and experimentation in the hairstyling community, inspiring individuals to embrace their creativity and cultural heritage and tap into their inner child.

The hairstyle’s comeback in 2024 might be interpreted as an act of cultural reclamation that advances a larger cultural dialogue about accepting diversity and dispelling stereotypes, particularly for African women.  Beyond simply re-establishing a connection with one’s lost cultural history, it also signifies a departure from traditional beauty standards, a sense of pride in one’s heritage, and a desire to exhibit one’s originality and authenticity. The popularity of the Koroba hairstyle has affected the world of fashion and beauty, encouraging trends that promote individuality and ethnic authenticity. All in all, it’s a resurgence that points to a change in the direction of a more accepting and widely recognised view of beauty and individuality.

The resurgence of this hairstyle not only opens up a room for artistic expression and the exploration of trends but also transports us back to the innocence of our inner child. It leads us to a time when we were cradled between our mother’s thighs, our heads gently lowered to the ground, and our senses immersed in the tactile experience of the earth’s soil. As our mothers skilfully ran the iru, adorned with strands of hair, over our tender scalps, we could feel the moist and cool earth beneath, and the subsequent patting down for the tight Koroba weaves.

This revival takes us back to the days of our little feets, where we raced to school with excitement, eager to proudly showcase our Koroba hairstyles, forgetting struggles and the occasional screams as our mothers deftly twisted and and moulded our hair, all while the younger children anxiously awaited their turns in a mixture of terror and anticipation. The Koroba hairstyle, in its resurgence, becomes a nostalgic bridge to those cherished moments of childhood, a celebration of tradition, and a canvas for both personal and cultural expression.


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