Kidnapped Students Of  Confluence University Of Science And Technology Rescued

Nmesoma Okwudili


May 20, 2024

The government of Kogi State expressed its appreciation to the security agencies for their swift and effective action in rescuing 14 students from Confluence University of Science and Technology, who were recently abducted by gunmen.

Security forces successfully freed the students from the grasp of their captors in an admirable display of bravery and tenacity. Armed attackers raided the Osara campus of the university on Thursday night, kidnapping an undetermined number of students in a terrifying episode. Before their first-semester exams, these students had gathered for a tutorial session. As the terrorists attacked, they were thrust into a horrific scenario.

This reprehensible act highlights the ongoing challenges posed by insecurity in certain regions, underscoring the importance of continued vigilance and collaborative efforts between authorities and communities. The resilience and prompt response of the security personnel serve as a beacon of hope amidst such distressing circumstances.

The Kogi State Police Command, through its spokesperson William Aya, released a statement on Sunday detailing the successful rescue of 14 students following a gun battle with the kidnappers. Additionally, Kingsley Fanwo, the Kogi State Commissioner for Information, corroborated this information in an official statement, confirming the liberation of “some” of the abducted students from Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara.

Fanwo elaborated that the students were freed through the joint efforts of local hunters and various security agencies. This liberation came hours after the state’s Governor, His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, personally visited the institution to reassure parents of his unwavering commitment to securing the safe return of the students.

Local vigilantes and security personnel engaged the kidnappers in a heavy gunfight throughout the operation. The kidnappers attempted to escape, but ultimately, they were unable to withstand the security forces’ overwhelming firepower and fled the scene with gunshot wounds. As a result, the abducted students were able to scatter and find refuge amidst the chaos of the gunfight.

The successful rescue operation serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of both official security agencies and local community members in combating criminal activities within the state. It underscores the importance of unified action in safeguarding the lives and well-being of citizens, particularly vulnerable groups such as students. Such concerted efforts are crucial in deterring future incidents and restoring peace and security to the affected region.

The commissioner further clarified that not only were the abducted students rescued, but also additional individuals who had fallen victim to the kidnappers were liberated and promptly provided with necessary medical care at nearby facilities. Moreover, he emphasized that security personnel were actively conducting thorough searches throughout the forests to ensure that every single kidnapped student was located and returned home unharmed.

During the intense confrontation to secure the students’ release, casualties occurred among the brave individuals involved in the operation. A local hunter and a Department of State Services (DSS) operative sustained injuries in the line of duty. Both were swiftly transported to medical facilities to receive the appropriate treatment and care for their wounds.

The sacrifices made by these courageous individuals, alongside the concerted efforts of security forces and local communities, demonstrate a resolute commitment to upholding the safety and well-being of all citizens. Their unwavering dedication to the mission underscores the collective resolve to confront and overcome the threats posed by criminal elements, ensuring that peace and security prevail in the region.

 “We commend our local hunters and all the conventional security agents for their bravery and gallantry. Of special commendation is the DSS for acting on credible intelligence to coordinate a fearless confrontation with the outlaws. The security agencies have, once again, demonstrated why Kogi State will remain an uncomfortable place for bandits, kidnappers and other criminal elements”.

“The success recorded so far is a clear testament to the readiness of Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo to ensure adequate and uncompromising security for the people of Kogi State”.

“We urge residents to report anyone with gun wounds found in their communities to law enforcement agents” he added.

Taking action to strengthen security infrastructure and improve plans for anticipating and countering such threats is essential. In order to guarantee that situations like this are promptly handled and avoided in the future, coordinated action is necessary. The safety and well-being of students, as well as other members of society, must continue to be the primary priorities.


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