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Japanese People Hold Massive Protest Against WHO And Deadly COVID Vaccines

Ogunbiyi Kayode


June 10, 2024

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Japanese citizens organized what is considered the largest protest against the World Health Organization (WHO). This peaceful demonstration was fueled by public outrage over the WHO and the COVID-19 vaccine, which has been blamed for causing numerous severe adverse effects and fatalities.

Footage from Tokyo on Friday showed thousands attending the “National Movement to Protect Lives from WHO: Massive Rally.” According to Sputnik Japan, the event was reportedly intended as a demonstration against the revision of the International Health Regulations (IHR).

The rally commenced with an opening speech by Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications and a current member of the House of Representatives. Haraguchi began by acknowledging the grief and loss experienced by countless individuals and families due to the pandemic. Speaking with deep sincerity, he extended his condolences and took responsibility for the failures of those in power. “I apologize to all of you. So many have died, and they shouldn’t have,” he stated.

Haraguchi then shared a deeply personal account of his own health struggles. After receiving vaccines, he developed a severe illness, specifically a rapidly progressing form of cancer. “This time last year, I had neither eyebrows nor hair. Two out of the three supposed vaccines I received were lethal batches,” he revealed.

Contributing to the discussion, Haraguchi revealed that he was not the only member of Japan’s National Diet to experience adverse effects from vaccines. He mentioned that three of his colleagues had been severely affected, with some even requiring hospitalization. “They are falling to pieces, some hospitalized. But they don’t speak up,” he stated. This disclosure highlighted a broader issue: the reluctance or inability of public figures to openly discuss their personal health challenges.

Haraguchi expressed strong concern about efforts to silence those who question current policies and government actions. He recounted a recent incident in which he was banned from speaking on Channel 3 following an interview with its president. “The other day, I spoke with the President of Channel 3, and I was banned. They are trying to silence our voices,” he stated. This attempt to censor dissenting opinions underscored a critical concern about freedom of speech and expression. Haraguchi urged the audience to remain steadfast in their resolve, declaring, “They are trying to block our freedom, our resistance, our power. But we will never lose.”

A notable aspect of Haraguchi’s speech was his criticism of the ban on Ivermectin, a drug developed by Dr. Satoshi Omura, which he believed could have been pivotal in combating the pandemic. Haraguchi questioned the motives behind the ban, suggesting that economic interests were being prioritized over public health. “Why? Because they are cheap. They don’t want it because it will interfere with the sales of the vaccines,” he argued. This statement elicited loud applause from the audience, many of whom shared the sentiment that corporate profits had been placed above human lives.

To conclude his speech, Haraguchi issued a rallying call to action. He urged the public to take a stance in challenging the government’s questionable decisions. “Let’s overthrow this government,” he proclaimed, stressing the need for change and accountability. He called on legislators to continue fighting for the people’s lives and freedoms. “Let’s make it happen,” he concluded.

Another speaker urged the Japanese government to “stop colluding with Bill Gates and Pharma!” adding that “The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare must address the significant excess deaths head-on.”

According to a transcript by @_aussie17, the speaker declared:

“The government must not ignore the 190,000 public comments!”
“The government must revoke the revised Influenza Pandemic Action Plan!”
“Abolish the government action plan that sends us to crematoriums! “
“Amendments to the Local Autonomy Act are fascism!”
“Do not allow the government and corporations to control free speech!”
“Meiji Seika Pharma must shut down the recombinant vaccine factory!”
“Fumio Kishida, do not drop the third atomic bomb on the Japanese people!”
“The government and parliament must disclose all information and protect the lives of the people!”
“Parliament must review the amendments to the International Health Regulations and reject them!”
“The Japanese government must demand the dismissal of the notorious Director-General Tedros!”
“Decide to withdraw from the WHO, which is abandoned by the world!”
“The WHO, the government, and the medical industry must stop cooperating with the plandemic!”
“The next Tokyo governor must protect the citizens from globalism and the plandemic! “

Also present at the demonstration was American journalist Michael Yon, who explained that the protests were a response to the numerous deaths attributed to the vaccines. “Because people are falling dead all over the place,” Yon described. “Very simple. Everybody knows somebody who’s gotten sick or died.” “Now it’s pretty obvious that we’re being poisoned. These jabs are weapons,” he added.

Long before the protest took place, on January 11, 2024, in Japan, the Vaccine Issues Study Group held a press conference to unveil the critical findings of their initial six-month investigations into vaccine side effects. The results, presented by a panel of esteemed medical experts, were alarming, highlighting various medical concerns ranging from cancer to neurological disorders.

The press conference candidly addressed the suppression of such information. “Japanese doctors are trying hard, but they face various obstructions,” remarked Professor Fukushima, discussing the medical censorship that has hindered professional discourse on vaccination issues.

Concluding the discussion with a sobering critique, Professor Masanori Fukushima emphasized the indiscriminate dissemination of mRNA vaccines throughout the body. “It doesn’t know where to go. If it goes into the bloodstream, it goes to the brain, liver, and kidneys,” he explained, illustrating potential systemic vulnerabilities that have been widely overlooked by both the public and professionals. These findings are particularly disturbing given that COVID-19 vaccines are mRNA-based.

While the COVID-19 era may seem long past, many have not yet recovered from its global trauma. The several questions surrounding the COVID-19 experience, the side effects of mRNA vaccines, the role of the government, and the unclear stance of the WHO fueled the spirited, peaceful, and massive protest by the Japanese.

It may have taken a few years, but more people around the world are becoming aware of the severe damage and deaths resulting from the COVID vaccine rollout. The protest in Japan on May 31, 2024, might trigger further demonstrations, following the first major protest for this cause on April 13, 2024. That protest saw tens of thousands of citizens nationwide unite in a series of pandemic rallies. The clear goal from the outset has been to draw the global audience’s attention and mark a significant moment in the discourse on pandemic management and health policies.

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