Enugu Awards Contract To Renovate Hotel Presidential

Nmesoma Okwudili


May 6, 2024

The Enugu State Government, led by Governor Peter Mbah, has made significant strides in reviving the state’s resources and infrastructure. One noteworthy achievement is the awarding of a contract for the renovation of the Hotel Presidential, a renowned facility located in the center of the state capital.

Additionally, the administration has stated its commitment to reviving Nigergas Company Limited, a state-owned enterprise. Governor Peter Mbah’s overarching goal of revitalizing dormant state assets like Nigergas aligns with this effort, which is being implemented in compliance with directives from the Enugu State Investment Development Authority.

In a briefing with Government House correspondents, Mr. Aka Eze Aka, the Commissioner for Information and Communication, along with Dame Ugochi Madueke, his counterpart in Culture and Tourism, highlighted these strategic initiatives. They emphasized that these actions are in direct fulfillment of the governor’s pledge to convert dormant assets across the state into productive entities.

To elaborate, the renovation of Hotel Presidential represents an investment in the tourism sector as well as the administration’s dedication to improving the hospitality industry in the state. Furthermore, the revival of Nigergas Company Limited aligns with broader economic goals, which aim to maximize the use of public resources for sustainable development.

According to Dame Madueke, the restoration of the Hotel Presidential has the potential to provide jobs for the state’s growing youth population in addition to enhancing Enugu State’s reputation as a premier destination for investment, tourism, and hospitality on a global scale.

 “It is with great joy that I make this announcement because the hotel has been abandoned and had gone moribund over the past years. However, bringing it back to life will not only put our state on the world map again, it will equally create economic value-chain, market, tourism and employment for our youths,” the commissioner stated.

Hotel Presidential, constructed during the tenure of the late premier of the defunct Eastern Region, Dr. Michael Okpara, and inaugurated in 1963, once enjoyed a distinguished reputation as a premier hospitality establishment. However, over the years, it gradually fell into a state of disuse and neglect.

The decision to rejuvenate this iconic hotel stemmed from a thorough evaluation process. The administration meticulously scrutinized numerous commercial proposals and business models presented to the state. Through this rigorous assessment, a compelling business case and potential for profitability were established, warranting the approval for the revitalization of the dormant company.

With this calculated action, the administration has demonstrated its dedication to preserving historical sites while also maximizing their potential to boost the state’s economy. By revitalizing Hotel Presidential, the administration hopes to strengthen the local economy, generate jobs, and restore the hotel to its former status as a benchmark of distinction and quality in the hospitality sector.

All things considered, these programs highlight the proactive stance taken by the Peter Mbah Administration in Enugu State in utilizing its resources to the benefit of its people and the overall expansion of the state’s economy.


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