386 Individuals Rescued From Sambisa

Nmesoma Okwudili


May 29, 2024

In a significant breakthrough, the Army has rescued approximately 386 individuals, predominantly women and children, from the Sambisa forest, a decade after their abduction. This announcement was made by Acting General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 7th Division, Brigadier General AGL Haruna, during a press briefing at the outskirts of the Sambisa forest in the Konduga Local Government Area.

Brigadier General Haruna detailed the success of the 10-day military operation known as “Operation Desert Sanity III.” The mission aimed to eliminate the remaining terrorist elements entrenched in the Sambisa forest and to offer an opportunity for those willing to surrender to do so.

“Our effort is to ensure that we clear remnants of terrorists in the Sambisa and give those willing to surrender the opportunity to do so,” General Haruna stated. He emphasized that the operation is designed to clear the area of all terrorist factions and to encourage those eager to lay down their arms.

General Haruna expressed optimism about the operation’s potential to induce more surrenders among the terrorists. “We anticipate that many will take this chance to surrender, as some have already begun to do,” he added.

The operation’s success not only highlights the ongoing efforts of the Nigerian Army to combat terrorism but also brings hope to many families awaiting the return of their loved ones.

Brigadier General Haruna announced that the Army had successfully rescued a significant number of civilians, with 386 individuals freed as of the previous day, and he expressed confidence that this number would continue to rise.

In addressing the troops, Brigadier General Haruna conveyed the commendations from the Chief of Army Staff, praising their exemplary performance and professionalism throughout the operation. He encouraged the soldiers to maintain their momentum, acknowledging their outstanding achievements and the personal sacrifices made to ensure peace and normalcy in the North-East.

The Chief of Army Staff was extremely pleased with the soldiers’ performance, recognizing the operation as a remarkable success. Brigadier General Haruna emphasized the importance of acknowledging the soldiers’ hard work and dedication, and he assured them of the Army’s strong support. He highlighted the significance of understanding and appreciating the challenges faced by the troops on the front lines, reinforcing the Army’s commitment to their welfare and the mission’s success.

Brigadier General Haruna specifically commended the troops for their successful efforts in clearing insurgent enclaves in several key areas within the Sambisa forest, including Lawanti, Ukuba, Farisu, Sabil Huda, Njimia, Garin Gulukos, Garin Falluja, Shababul Ummah, Garin Pannel Bitter, and Lagara Anguwan Gwai Gwai.

The Army chief expressed his delight at the exceptional performance of the troops involved in Operation Hadin Kai, particularly highlighting the contributions of the Special Forces Troops, the 21 Armoured Brigade in Bama, the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), and the Hybrid Forces. Their coordinated efforts were instrumental in achieving significant operational successes.

Haruna also acknowledged the support of Lagbaja, noting that it played a crucial role in the achievements of the frontline troops. He further lauded Major General Waidi Shuaibu, the Theatre Commander of the North-East Operation Hadin Kai Joint Task Force, for his strategic guidance and effective supervision throughout the operation.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the operation saw active participation from various brigades, including the 21 Special Armoured Brigade, the 26 Task Force Brigade, and the 199 Special Forces, all of which contributed to the overall success of the mission.


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